Rosh Hashana

The Jewish New Year Day of Judgment for the entire world. Extended, special synagogue services and blowing of the ram’s horn – Shofar. Start of Ten Days of Repentance.

Many differerent traditions on Rosh Hashana Рdip apples in honey, eat sweet foods, study Torah and Midrash to learn something new. For women, I suggest reading Begining Anew by Gail Twersky Reimer and Judith Kates that has some terrific essays that pertain to the holidays.

Dip your challa in sugar

Eat pomegranates traditional Rosh Hashana fruits with 613 seeds symbolizing the 613 mitzvot, fertility and the new harvest have long been used in Middle Eastern folk medicine.

Have a Rosh Hashana Seder – A Sephardic tradition


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