Build a PVC Sukkah


 The plan link here.

Assembly Notes:

  • DON’T GLUE ANYTHING FIRST!  Assemble the top frame first on the ground (down side down), glue as specified, then lift to insert legs.  Assembled lattice with duct tape or twine.
  • It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle, the kids will love to help build and play with it.
  • All pipes and fittings (except the 1-1/2”  top cross members) are 2” PVC pipe that can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s or equivalent.
  • I tried to make the frame fit the 4’ x 8’ PVC lattice sheets (used in gardening or house trim).
  • Cutting 1-1/2” pipe is difficult to get square by hand, try using a miter box or a PVC pipe cutter.  Use a power circular saw (risky with kids around) as a last resort.  Use a knife to trim flashing off each cut.



  1. Start assembly on a flat surface like a patio or driveway.
  2. Cut 6 ea. legs to 6’-8” from 2” x 10 ft. pipes.
  3. Use 3 ea. of the left-over 3’-4” pieces to make the front roof member. I cut them down to 2 ea 30” pieces and 1 ea 36” piece in the middle.  Assemble with 2 ea TEEs and measure the total length.
  4. Cut a matching single length of pipe for the rear roof member (mine was 102” or 8’-6”).
  5. Cut 2 ea side members 90-1/2” (or 7’-6-1/2”).  When assembled with elbows (90ELs) the side width totals 8’.  This matches a single piece of lattice.
  6. Cut 4 ea 3” short pieces of pipe (out of scrap) for connectors and assemble the entire top frame, DON’T GLUE IT YET.  Each corner comprises of an 90EL and TEE with a connector.
  7. When you get everything aligned and the TEEs pointed down, glue the corner TEEs to the 90Els (pull each joint apart, apply glue, then reassemble quickly and align immediately – the glue sets fast).  Then glue these to the side members ONLY (if makes it easy to store yet the corners won’t fall apart).
  8. Glue the front member together with 2 ea ‘TEEs’ (make sure the point down) and 3 pieces cut in step 3.  Do not glue to the end pieces if you want to disassemble and store easily.
  9. You now have two side assemblies, a front assembly, a rear member, and six legs. I use duct tape to secure the front and rear members to the ends, but you could use screws also.
  10. Lift the top frame and a insert the legs.  The weight of the top frame will hold the legs in place.
  11. Optional: use buckets or cans and cement the legs in place.
  12. Place 3 ea 1-1/2” cross members on top and secure with duct tape.  Decorate with palm frawns.
  13. Secure a 4’ x 8’ lattice to each side with duct tape or cable ties.
  14. Cut 3’-6” off 2 ea lattice sheets for the front panels.  The remaining 2 ea lattice sheets 4’-6” long form the back side when overlapped and taped together to fit.
  15. Decorate for Sukkah.



  1. 9 ea.  2” x 10 ft. PVC pipe
  2. 3 ea.  1-1/2” x 10 ft. pipe
  3. 6 ea.  2” TEEs
  4. 4 ea.  2” 90Els
  5. 4 ea  4’ x 8’ lattice sheets (either wood or PVC)
  6. PVC cement (clear, NOT purple).  Applicator is part of cap.
  7. Duct tape and/or cable ties.
  8. Flower Pots filled with sand for stabilizing the corners.


  1. Saw or PVC pipe cutter for 2” PVC pipe.
  2. knife to trim flashing and cut duct tape.


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