Vidui – Confession by the Gravely Ill

A confession/prayer said by or for someone who is near death holds many meaningful thoughts about life. While it has different meanings to different people, it is an acknowledgement of both our mortality and the importance of reflection on life:

My God and God of all who have gone before me, Author of life and death, I turn to you in trust. Although I pray for life and health, I know that I am mortal. If my life must soon come to an end, let me die, I pray, at peace.

If only my hands were clean and my heart pure. I confess that I have committed sins and left much undone, yet I know also the good that I did or tried to do. May my acts of goodness give meaning to my life, and may my errors be forgiven.

Protector of the bereaved and the helpless, watch over my loved ones. Into Your hand I commit my spirit; redeem it, O God of mercy and truth.

Here, O Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is One.

It is a reflection worthy of thought and a connection to the Jewish people throughout history.

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