Some people dip their Challah in salt on Shabbat. But on Rosh Hashana sugar is substituted for the salt.

from Lisa Pollack – thanks:

The explanation I have always heard is that the challah, as a type of bread, represents the necessities of life, and the salt, a spice, represents the luxuries.

In this same way, it is also traditional that one of the first things to bring into a new home is some bread and salt.  My parents helped me move into my first home, and I remember that as soon as my mom got through the door, she whipped out a Ziploc with an English muffin and a tiny bag of salt and put it in my cupboard.  When my husband moved in three years later and we were cleaning out the closets, he nearly threw it out and was somewhat puzzled when I pounced on him whilst he was trying to throw out what was a CLEARLY stale piece of bread…

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