Honoring the Birth of a Daughter

(Excerpts from Women and Religious Judaism by ):
Despite the fact that numerous rituals have been developed around the naming of a son, there has been scant traditional ritual around the women in the picture – whether as mothers or as daughters….Ceremonies for newborn Jewish girls have actually existed for centuries; they have just been out of fashion in the Ashkenazi communities. There have always been more elaborate ceremonies – sometimes including amulets for warding off evil spirits – among Sephardim (Eve of the Sixth). In fact, the Celebration for the Gift of a Daughter appears in the Sephardic Daily and Sabbath Prayerbook and includes readings and blessings for family and child.
“Fortunately this is less true now than it was a decade ago. Now not only is there an array of ceremonies being written to welcome a newborn girl, but also there is greater public expectation that there will be such a ceremony – even in Orthodox families. New ceremonies for naming a daughter have proliferated in the ten years since Jewish women have made a concerted effort toward greater inclusion in Jewish ritual. Some popular favorities are Brit B’not Yisrael (the covenant of the daughters of Israel), Brit Kedusha (the covenant of sanctification), Simchat Bat (rejoicing in a daughter), Brit Bat Tzion (covenant of a daughter of Zion).

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