Typically Confirmation is when a young adult/teenager completes 10 or 11 years of religious school and makes a commitment to continuing to study and practice Judaism in their life. The ceremony of Confirmation was initially based on a similar event in many Christian organizations. It is because of this that some Jews do not recognize this as part of the lifecycle in our tradition.

Nevertheless, it does fill a need for the teenager. It represents an extension of learning about Judaism beyond Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It represents an accomplishment by a young person in their continuing to learn about their heritage. Confirmation services are a good way to recognize these students for their accomplishments.

Typically the Confirmation Service is planned, organized and implemented by the students. It is most often a Shabbat service for the congregation with different parts of the service, leading of prayers, reading of Torah, Haftorah, and the presentation of a D’var Torah by the students as a way to confirm their commitment to Jewish Life.

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