Blessing by a Parent to the Child upon receiving a Driver’s License

A special ceremony has been written by Rabbi Janet Marder of Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos, California for a short presentation by a parent to a new driver upon receiving a driver’s license, This major life cycle event for most young people signifies a major step towards their independenceĀ andĀ responsibilities. The ritual is short but poignant and ends with the traditional prayer for bringing us to a significant point in our lives, the Sheheheyanu.


Life cycle events are very important and much effort goes into highlighting them. Of course, there is a prayer that applies to each event, with a gathering of family members (at the very least), or even a mini celebration. Some, such as a Bar Mitzva, go back to Biblical times; others have evolved with the times, such as a Bat Mitzva or Graduation. Recently, it is felt that the ability to drive a car, recognized by a Driving License, should also be considered a life cycle event with a special prayer. After all, driving is a privilege as well as a big responsibility. Rabbi Janet Marder of Congregation Beth Am has suggested a prayer to emphasize the importance of this event. TraditionsRenewed offers a package that includes an inscribed key chain to hold the car key, the prayer to be recited, and a description of the ritual.

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